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About Course

Get started with friendly apps, operating systems, and communications that give you privacy and control.
A phone that does everything you want and more.

What Will You Learn?

  • Finally have your phone in your hands? Start here!

Course Content

Tutorial Videos
Easy to follow tutorial videos.

  • Cell Service Setup / Transferring SIM cards
  • Connecting to the Internet (WiFi, Mobile data, Ethernet)
  • Basic Phone Navigation
  • Customizing Home Screen, Widgets, Quick Settings
  • Notification / Ringtone Customization
  • Basic Actions, Input options, Screenshots
  • Transferring Files (USB flash drive)
  • App Stores: Neo Store, F-Droid, Aurora Store
  • Managing App Permissions
  • Importing Contacts
  • User Profile Setup & Management Part I - Creating New Users
  • User Profile Setup & Management Part II - Sandboxed Google Play
  • AS (Above Suite) - Creating Your Account
  • AS: Above Email Setup (K-9 Mail)
  • AS: Above Calendar & Contacts Sync (DAVx5)
  • AS: Synced Contacts Setup via CardDAV
  • AS: Synced Calendar Setup via CalDAV
  • AS: Above Calls - Setting up XMPP (Cheogram) + Internet Phone Number (JMP.chat)
  • AS: Jitsi Meet with Above Server
  • AS: Above VPN Setup

Getting Started
The first things to do you with your Above Phone.

Frequently asked questions answered!

Phone Settings

Above Suite

Apps Installation & Management

Application Guides