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Above Phone

About Course

Get started with friendly apps, operating systems, and communications that give you privacy and control.
A phone that does everything you want and more.

What Will You Learn?

  • Finally have your phone in your hands? Start here!

Course Content

Tutorial Videos
Easy to follow tutorial videos.

  • Basic Phone Navigation
  • Connecting to the Internet (WiFi, Mobile data, Ethernet)
  • Cell Service Setup / Transferring SIM cards
  • Customizing Home Screen, Widgets, Quick Settings
  • Notification / Ringtone Customization
  • Basic Actions, Input options, Screenshots
  • Transferring Files (USB flash drive)
  • App Stores: Neo Store, F-Droid, Aurora Store
  • Managing App Permissions
  • Importing Contacts
  • User Profile Setup & Management Part I - Creating New Users
  • User Profile Setup & Management Part II - Sandboxed Google Play
  • AS (Above Suite) - Creating Your Account
  • AS: Above Email Setup (K-9 Mail)
  • AS: Above Calendar & Contacts Sync (DAVx5)
  • AS: Synced Contacts Setup via CardDAV
  • AS: Synced Calendar Setup via CalDAV
  • AS: Above Calls - Setting up XMPP (Cheogram) + Internet Phone Number (JMP.chat)
  • AS: Jitsi Meet with Above Server
  • AS: Above VPN Setup

Getting Started
The first things to do you with your Above Phone.

Frequently asked questions answered!

Profiles & Sandbox Management
Detailed explanations of how to create separate profiles and manage apps!

Above Suite
Learn how to set up and use the Above Suite with everything it offers!

Apps Installation & Management
Maximize the potential of your device!

Application Guides
Learn how to use privacy focused apps and alternatives!

Backup & Restore
Learn how to back up your data and apps!

Troubleshooting & Maintenance
Here we cover some common issues and how to resolve them on your own!